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This is a Russian-language information, support, and experience exchange site on issues of high sensitivity in humans as defined by Dr. Elaine Aron (sensory processing sensitivity). The site contains scientific and research information on high sensitivity in adults and children, and various aspects thereof: high sensitivity in children, giftedness, highly sensitive people in relations, issues of character and temper, creativity, self-development for highly sensitive people, building career by HSPs, books on high sensitivity, articles on health and self-support for highly sensitive people, tests, etc. All the texts in this site are based on research of Dr. E. Aron and other researchers in this field (Dr. A. Aron, Dr. G. Neufeld, Dr. Ted Zeff, Thomas Boyce, Barrie Jaeger and others).

The site has been created by Liubov Ledomska, an HSP and motherof a highly-sensitive 6-year old boy. Liubov holds an MBA degree from Purdue University (USA), she has also completed a course in attachment parenting at Gordon Neufeld Institute (Canada), and is a blogger and writer. She writes extensively on issues of parenting, wholeness, support of health, healthy nourishment, personal growth, careers, financial freedom and education for women on her blog in LJ. As part of her HSP path, Liubov has participated in the HSP-retreat for HSPs in Germany with Jacquelyn Strickland and Dr. Elaine Aron in 2015.

She also oganizes and gives webinars on issues of high sensitivity and living the sensitive self, and organizes meetups and support groups for HSPs.

This site is maintained in the European Union.


Source of the photo: courtesy of Jacquelyn Strickland, HSP retreat in Germany with J. Strickland and Dr. Elaine Aron, 2015.

Should you wish to contact Liubov Ledomska and the web-site administration, please e-mail us at, or skype at hsp-portal.

For English language users Liubov has created a Facebook Group «HSP Group Europe» for mutual support, information exchange, HSPs’ projects procurement, meetups and gatherings in Europe.

FOR DONATIONS: If you find this blog and site interesting and useful, please consider financial donation at your disretion. the site is still being created and worked on and any support will be much appreciated. Please dontate to (PayPal). Many thanks!)

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